Cannot connect to internet on WDTV Live

I have attached my WDTV Live to a router ( Beetel 450TC1.) WDTV is able to recognize other computers’ shares on the network, which means that networking is fine.

But whenever I try to connect to any of the internet services, it fails and the device asks me to check network connections.

What is going wrong here?

Are you using DHCP to get an IP address?  (“Automatic” mode in the WDTV settings)

If you’re using MANUAL addressing, make sure your default gateway is set to the right IP address, and also make sure the subnet mask is correct.    This is the most common reason a system can’t get outside access.

Regardless of the above, make sure you don’t have a firewall rule in your router that would be blocking the WDTV’s access to the internet.   

Well, I _am _using DHCP, and all the network settings seem fine.

When I test the network connection on WDTV Live, it says everything is working fine, including the internet. But I still can’t access Youtube or flickr.

Additionally, the firewall in my router is disabled.

What else can be the reason?