Cannot Connect to Active Domain after OS5 Upgrade

Just upgraded to the OS5 the EX4100 and lost all connectivity to the Active Directory Domain.

Tried to add it again and it fails constantly and returns " * Connection failed. Please check your configuration."

The configuration was the same set on the previous OS.


I’m running into the same issue as I suspect it’s something in the SMB.conf file…

@Tengu @gimaiambiente can you both open support cases with “OS 5 Active Directory” in the subject and provide your My Cloud system logs please?

I also am no longer able to get my My Cloud EX2 Ultra to connect to AD either using same credentials I was using with OS 3. I’d be interested in the solution or if there isn’t one yet, perhaps what log I can be looking at to get insight into the issue on the My Cloud EX2 device using sshd.

Did you resolve this issue?

I have spent literally days trying to figure that out.
Do you have on your EX4100 -by any chance- a Static IP with the fourth part above .128? Try to change it to something lower.
On my EX2 Ultra if I set the static IP above .128 I get the “Connection failed” message.
From .1-.127 I get successful connection.

Is it just me? A ghost? A nasty bug?