Cannot connect My cloud under windows 10 Azure AD account!

Hello WD Community,

I have WD MyCloud 4TB and CISCO Linksys E900 router, they are working perfectly with no single error.
I am able to access to MyCloud via Android phones and different PCs who are running windows 7 and 8.

Recently, I’ve installed Window 10 on my personal Toshiba laptop, and created “Azure AD” account; since then, I was not able to access to MyCloud!! using this laptop only. (it is still accessible via other devises).

I’ve created another account in the same on the same laptop, but it is a local account "not Azure AD", then I succeeded to access to MyCloud, using both accounts “the local and the Azure AD”. However, to be able to access to MYCloud via “Azure AD account”, the local account has to be logged in already, otherwise I cannot even see MyCloud in windows file explorer.

So, How do you think I can access to MyCloud using Azure AD account without the help of the other local account?
Or, how can I change my Azure Account to local account without loosing my configuration settings? coz I’ve made so many configuration to many software, apps, and to the registry??

Many thanks in advance for help and for passing by…

Hello there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user that has experience on this can share some tips or information on this matter.

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