Cannot connect load device dlna problems

Hi similar problems as a lot of others. I have 4tb duo and cannot get software to load as nable to find the drive. I have spent 8 hours of trying differnt things incuding rebooing the modem to no avail. the wd duo shows up on 3 computers but not n others so i have mapped it on my windows laptop. what do i do to sort this my excitement of getting thi technology to stream everywhere in the house has now left a bad taste in my mouth. please help?

What software are you trying to load? Firstly, ensure that media streaming is enabled under settings, media. Also ensure that media serving is set to on under Shares. Additional info is needed to further assist you. Ex what OS are you using and also what renderers are you trying to stream to.

I am experiencing a similar problem where I have media stored on the Public share and enabled DLNA.  I am using an android device using the DLNA ap to try to play files.  It recognizes the shares and all files, but cannot playback.  “The media file cannot be played.  Skipping file.”  I am running Android 2.3.5.

What file types are you trying to play? You also mentioned skipping file which suggest you are able to play some files and if that’s the case it could possibly be a function of your WiFi connection. Are you able to play any files when you are at the same location as the MBLD?