Cannot connect from the internet

Hi all,
I’m struggling with this for two days now… have a new My Cloud EX2 Ultra. Backuos work as expected, I can log intk the web console going to the mycloud IP from my pc at home, and I can even see my files from my mobile mycloud app on my cellphone when the cellphone is connected to the home wifi.
I cannot:

  1. See my files from the mobile app when the cellphone not connected to home wifi
  2. Login through and see my files.

My logic tells me this is something to do with port forwarding/mapping on my router, so I did it but still doesn’t work… enabled HTTP and HTTPS on the mycloud, and the port mapping goes from external 9001 to my mycloud:80 and from external 9444 to my mycloud:443. Nothing.



You could refer to the following link:

I don’t have two routers in my network. I have a very simple home network, with one modem/router and a few computers and devices connected to the router, some via cable and some via wifi.
I don’t understand how something that should be extremely easy and out of the box takes so much time to solve.

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Try this:

  1. Enable UPNP on your router;
  2. On your WD, set Settings > General > Cloud Access > Cloud Service > ON
  3. Access your files though

All ports seem ti be open. Upnp enabled. Cloud service enabled. I do not have double nat (whatsmyip == external ip as seen in router ui). Mycloud connected directly to router.
When i am connected to home network or wifi, i can reach the files.
When i get out of my home network - “drive offline” which is of course not true.

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Did you try to log in this website with your e-mail and password?

I did…

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