Cannot Configure Users or Remote Access

Just installed MBL and the unit is in the network and has internet connectivity. Updated firmware and can see MBL using my Macbook Pro and can add files to shared folders as Guest user. However when opening the MBL dashboard I cannot click on the Admin user as I get 3000 Unknown Error or 31202 Error Retrieving User Info. Likewise when I try to setup remote access I get Error 31550 - Internal Server error. How do I login as Admin and configure everything???

im in the same position!!

Im also, after spending 3 days backing up, unable to access any of my files on MBL! i can not access utilities on the dashboard either so a system restore cant be performed.

Ive tried restting, updating firmware and updated to Java 7.

technical suuport have not been able to offer any more suggestions and have now told me to phone their “LEVEL 2 TEAM” however this is an american line and im in england!