Cannot Conect to WD MyCloud via Mac Finder

My iTunes library is stored on my WD MyCloud external drive. I cannot seem to connect to the drive and my shares through Finder. I can connect to the drive using WD My Cloud application. I can also see the drive if I mount it (Go–>Connect to Server). I see all my files, no issue here. I have even added the volumes I want to mount on startup (Users &* Groups–>Login Items). However, If I try to connect via Finder, I get a “Connection Failed” indication just below the status bar on top. If I click on “Connect As”, it just retries and the connection fails each time. It does not prompt me to enter my credentials as it once did. This issue has been problematic recently as I used to be able to connect through Finder. I can play my iTunes music (i.e. files that are physically on that external drive). If I try to download a file in iCloud I get an error (“The required disk cannot be found”). Even when I try to change the location of my iTunes library, I see the drive in Finder but the connection fails. I bought this drive specifically for my iTunes library and am not happy that I cannot use it reliably for this purpose.


  • WD My Cloud firmware: v04.04.01-112
  • WD My Cloud is assigned a fixed internal IP address
  • Mac O/S: El Capitan 10.11
  • iTunes:

There are numerous threads detailing problems with El Capitan and the My Cloud. See the following thread for starters. There are other threads that detail various ways people are attempting to resolve this El Capitan issue.

Thanks. Looks like there’s a lot of discussion on the issue but no resolution. I guess I should have gone with the Apple AirPort Time Capsule instead of WD. Pretty sure there would not be Mac O/S related issues. In any event I’ll follow the thread. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

Try this:

Connect to MAC