Cannot clone new WD7500BPKT

Hello, and thanks for your help ahead of time . . .

I purchased a new WD 2.5 Scorpio black 750gb drive to install in my Lenovo SL410.

I think my mistake is that I opened Win7 disk managemnet on the comnputer and formatted the drive as a first step but, now when I attempt to install the WD-specific version of Acronis True Image in order to clone the new drive, “it” tells me that there is not a WD drive attached . . .

Can anyone help?

Thanks again!



My recommendation will be to connect both drives (source and destination) into the motherboard of a desktop computer in order to clone them. Acronis will not recognize the WD drive unless it is connected directly into the motherboard, it will not recognize it if you have it on a external enclosure.

If you can connect both drives to your laptop’s motherboard at the same tame and still have same issue, then I recommend that you try writing zeros to the drive using Western Digital’s Data Liefguard diagnostics tool.