Cannot change owner, group, or user identities in files on MyCLoud


Hope I’ve come to the right place/category. I’m Win10Home, Norton Internet Security, Windows Defender, MyCloud is attached to my network via Ethernet cable from it to router. Three computers on the network. Here’s my problem:

I downloaded some files from the Internet Archive for the first time which may or may not have caused the problem, but I noticed the problem a week or so after.

I wanted to “share” some files on MyCloud with a friend who is not on my network, so I went to check the properties to see if share was enabled. Probably just needed to let my friend access MyCloud via the internet, but I have never gotten into MyCloud that way and I don’t get that process. I Just access my files via Windows Explorer from any computer on my home network.

Anyway, something seemed wrong, because the Groups/Users listed when I went via Properties>Security looked foreign to me. The included identities such as Linux User and Unix Group. I thought maybe that’s how MyCloud is supposed to be set up, but it seemed really strange. I decided to add Administrators to the user list and was denied. The message said the owner would not allow me to make the change. I copied a file from MyCloud to my internal hard drive and checked the identities of the copied files, and they looked like they’re supposed to, even though I had just copied the file from MyCloud and before I did, the file properties were stranged-out. So, I went thru Advanced to try and change the owner which said root(Unix User\root), if I remember correctly (I’ve disconnected MyCloud by unplugging the Ethernet cable from the router until I get this figured out).

I spent time on a chat with Norton Support thinking I’d been hacked, maybe with a root kit, but they couldn’t help me change the OWNER of the files/folders, so they finally told me they weren’t trained to fix the issue and I should call Microsoft. Really?

Unless someone can tell me what’s going on, I guess I’ll just reset MyCloud to original factory settings. Any ideas?

The MyCloud is a NAS. You are accessing it via an SMB file server. It is not a locally attached HDD. You cannot modify the file permissions in the same way as you would with a local HDD.

I suggest you read through this information, the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud and watch the provided videos for how to use your My Cloud.

Thanx, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Haven’t yet figured out who those permissions are, but I’m continually reading and researching. Again, thanx 1000000.

Thanx for taking the time to reply; I really do appreciate it. Since reading it I have returned to the user’s manual. I’m not too conversant in the technical terms or explanations provided. Been using computers since my first PC clone back in 1985, even had some experience with assembly coding, and when people I know ask me to help them fix a computer problem such as, “My hard disc crashed”, I help them figure out it didn’t really crash; the issue was not hardware but software, and I’m able to get them back up and running. But networking is something I have relied on just happening when I plug things in, because everything about it is foreign to me.

Anyway, I have re-read the manual, some parts several times. It has a home right on my desktop. Now I’m researching the terms I don’t understand and will continue to seek an answer for who those “objects” are that claim ownership and permission for my files on MyCloud.

Again, thank you for taking the time.

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Here’s a recent discussion about file access control, which includes a discussion of how to log in to the MyCloud’s linux OS, and modify file permissions directly, rather than via the SMB file server.

The MyCloud is a Network Accessed Storage device; a computer (running embedded linux), which provides a file server, holding your files on a hard disk. It is accessed via ethernet.

The files on the MyCloud, as seen by Windows, are ‘owned’ by the SMB file server running on the MyCloud.

The SMB file server reflects the file permissions assigned by linux, running on the MyCloud.

There are three categories of user, each with permissions; owner, group, all. The owner and group will be what you are seeing as Linux User and Unix Group.

The MyCloud user access sorts out the user and group permissions.


Wow! Now that helps big time. I am beginning to understand, and I’m breathing much more easily. This makes it clear that objects such as root(Linux\root) and other jargon foreign to me are not the result of a hack or intrusion into MyCloud. Still have lots to learn, but now I can feel much more secure knowing the device (MyCLoud) remains secure.

Thank you so very, very much!.