Cannot change drive letter

The Passport essential 750GB is partitioned as two drives. I would like to change drive letter on the large partition but I can’t. I think it is because the drive is marked as “basic” rather than “removable”. It doesn’t seem to make sense that a USB drive would be unremovable. So how can I change this situation?

I need a fixed drive letter because I bought this drive to store work related files so I can work in 3 different places and I need the drive to be recognized as the same letter on the three computers and I need the drive letter to always be the same no matter how many USB drives and sticks are connected so I usually choose drive letter W:.

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Even though you assign a Drive Letter to the external drive (Any USB drives) connected to any Windows Machine, the OS will assign the drive letter to any USB drive.

You can make a static drive letter on One of your computer but when you plug in the external drive on the 2nd computer, then the drive letter differs.

I want to assign this drive the letter W: on all my computer. I understand that I will need to explicitly do that assignment on every computer I use. I used to do that procedure for other USB drives. For instance I have a USB stick drive that is mapped to K: on all my computer and it is remapped automatically everytime I connect it in.

But this does not work for the Passport drive. I don’t even have the option to change the letter for this drive in the disk management control pannel.

So in essence, my question is “What do I need to do to this drive so I get the option to change its drive letter in the disk management control pannel”.

Looking around on the web for an answer, I found two possible explanations:

1) Because the drive is partitioned as two drives It seems windows have difficulties understanding the status of the second partition.

  1. The password entry may prevent Windows from mounting the disk as a removable drive and it looks like non-removable drives cannot be reassigned a letter.

Apart from that, it seems that every disk that is labeled as “basic” cannot be reassigned a letter.

The disk as it is right now is not mneeting my use requirements. The 2 solutions I am currently contemplating are to:

  • Return the drive and buy another one without all those issues.


- Repartition this drive as a single partition, reformat the drive, and use the open source TrueCrypt to encrypt the data I store on it.

I think I will try the second option first and it that doesn’t work, I will use the first option.