Cannot boot from the WD Black NVMe SSD

I bought a new nvme ssd recently and I am able to install the windows 10 in my new ssd, but I cannot boot from this ssd and it go back to BIOS after the reboot. I am now using the ASUS H97-pro-gamer and I have already contacted their technical support for the solution. However, their solution seems does not work for me. So I am now wondering is it the problem of my ssd or not. I am sure that the bootable usb and the windows work properly because I can install and boot from old ssd which running the SATA. I have been annoyed by this problem for days and I hope somebody could help me.

You should contact WD’s Support team about this.

The link below will allow you to call support.

You have to make sure the BIOS has CSM disabled and that you have installed from a Windows 10 UEFI enabled boot device. I.e. download using the Media tool to a USB device and install from that. It should quite happily install in minutes and you should be good to go. Also check to make sure Secure Boot Manager is off in BIOS too as this also sometimes interrupts the boot process, you can switch it back on once installation and booting works