Cannot Backup

Hello there

I bought the wd mycloud mirror and I have NEVER been able to get it to work. I hate the flippin thing. These are the problems I have.

I set it up and have an admin account and then I add users - members of my family. Through the dashboard I can see everyone and on my windows 10 I can see the my cloud mirror on the network. First time I tried I gave everyone usernames and passwords and allocated them space. Since everyones backups would run for hours and then fail I did a full system restore and tried again.

When the family try to back up the process starts runs for hours and then fails (windows 10 backup using windows 7) file history on windows 10 does the same - says it is running then fails.

If I try and back up to the account (user) I create for myself it says error cannot access the specified network location. If I try file history I do not even get the option to choose the wdmirror. Which I can see just fine and browse using file explorer.

Should it be this hard?


What error do you get when you try to backup the computers?

The issue might be with the size of the MyCloudMirror. Windows Backup has problems running a backup to a drive larger than 2TB if your backup also includes the creation of a system image at the same time as the data backup. Try setting up a new backup plan on one of the computers and make sure you un-check the “create system image” option during the backup. System images are not needed for every backup. I create a system image every two weeks using the manual option on the backup and restore page of Windows.

on my machine I get a you do not have access to this network drive and on
the others just and error that says back up failed