Cannot backup or connect to the internet

Hi there, I have a MBL which is connected to my iMac (Mountain Lion 10.8.2) via the Ethernet cable.  It is used as a Time Machine backup disk.

All was well, until a couple of days ago when I received a message advising Time Machine could not connect becuase of an iMac.sparsebundle issue (whatever that is?!).

I thought it might be a firmware issue and have noticed that there is a patch available to download.  I went to the dashboard on MBL and tried to update, but now it cannot connect to the internet.

I see there is an option to upgrade from a file, but I cannot seem to see where I manually download the patch from the website.  I’d like to get the patch in first to see if this resolves the backup issue.

Any help greatfully appreciated!

The patch is only for people that download the previous firmware and had issues after that

if that’s not your case, wait for the next firmware release that should be out soon

Ah ok, in that case does anybody know what iMac.sparsebundle is and why all of a sudden my iMac cannot connect to the MBL to perform the backup?

I can still connnect to the public share via the browser as I always have done, it’s just Time Machine that decided to stop working all of a sudden!

As I mentioned above, the MBL is connected to my iMac via the ethernet cable.  I am running 10.8.2 of Mountain Lion.


This product is an absolute pile of rubbish.

I have files in a share that I cannot delete as it says they’re in use…when they’re not.

I lost all my backups after upgrading to Mountain Lion.

The backups mysteriously stop working with a random error message that no one seems to know anything about.

The box can no longer connect to the internet.

Looks like another factory restore needed.  Really not acceptable.

Terrible product.

I had the same problem, try to restart your MBL