Cannot backup from External HD to internal HD

Hi guys,

I’ve just bought a WD myBook 4TB external Hard Drive. I need some information before starting the backup since the instruction manuale is very poor and doesn’t provide enough information with regard to sync details. I also tried to search in the community but I couldn’t find the answer to my problems.

So, I want to backup myBook external HD (Z:) with my internal HD (K:) WD 2 TB Caviar Green.

The first problem is that I can only set the origin to the internal hard drive (K:) to my external HD (Z:). If I choose my external HD (Z:) as origin it doesn’t shows up the internal HD (K:) as a destination. I tried to check Disk management but all disks were online. Is there a problem or I cannot set the backup from external to internal HD?

The second problem is that I don’t know what happen once I start the backup. Will the program create the same folder pattern on the other disk? I mean, if I have 2 folders on my internal HD:


  • Photos (subfolder)

  • Movies (subfolder)

and I want to backup them to my myBook external HD does the program create the same two folders within  the Z: unit? Because I already have the “Photos” and “Movies” on Z: external HD but on a different path.

So, the question is: 1) Will the program copy data according to the path in the origin? 2) Will I keep other data already saved on my Z: once the backup is finished?

Thank you very much for any help.

Hello Kazan, welcome to the WD Community. You can only set the backup from the internal drive to the external but not the other way around. What you can do is set the internal drive as the location to retrieve the files from the retrieve tab. You will see that once you initiate the backup a folder named smartware.swstor will be created in the external drive, if you explore this folder you will see the same folder structure that you have on your PC. Anything you save outside this folder will not be seen by Smartware as part of the backup, so you might end up with repeated files if you also copy them manually to the My Book. 

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