Cannot Back Up External HDD with SmartWare

Hi there,

Does anyone know why when I start making a back up for my external HDD to MyCloud using my laptop, are the files saved in C:\Windows\CSC which is usually where the offline files are stored? It does not make sense because now I ate all my internal SSD memory and the back up was not even completed.

I would suppose that if I wanted to back up an external HDD connectred to my laptop USB port, my laptop would just be used as a bridge and no files would be stored here.

I just need to back up my external HDD to my WD MyCloud.

Please help,

Thank you

Hello TucoMex, be sure to update Smartware to the latest version, also check the link below to review the steps on how to start a Smartware backup. 

How to create a category backup using WD SmartWare