Cannot authenticate a drive


I have two mywd drives.
One is MyCloud and it works fine but on other (MyCloud Mirror) there is a problem that I can not mount it for a special user.

Ftp works good:

Mount as public share (\WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\share) also work great.

But in case I need to mount as \WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\camctrl where user “camctrl” has a password - windows reply that for that network credentials access is denied.

Im sure that my windows-10 machine and windows 8.1 second machine has correct setup.
As I told in the same network other WD MyCloud works great and there are no problem to mount/unmount with credentials.

I already loose one day and no solution found.

  • already reset the all network drivers by windows control panel
  • unmount all the drivers

I have no ideas what to do…

Hi ontario,

It seems that you mapped the Public Share first before the Private Shares. As on Windows, each Windows user can have only one set of credentials to access another computer or NAS. You should unmount the Public Share and then mount the Private Share first.

  • Under User account Control Panel, go to the Credential Manager and delete any stored NAS credentials,
  • Unmount any mounted share,
  • Stop any Sync Software of backup software that might using another set of credentials to access any share on the NAS, make sure it won’t log in again upon reboot,

Then restart the computer and mount the private shares first than any public share.