Cannot add windows client on Arkeia backup server


I have setup the backup server and it seems to work just find. I also installed the windows client on a windows 7 pro machine, disabled the firewall, configured the conf file to point to the port 617 but it still wont be seen by the arkeia backup server.

What could be the problem or i’m i not doing something?



Hello Michael,

By default, the WD Arkeia Windows .msi installer:

  • adds a windows firewall rule for WD Arkeia (port 617)
  • adds the backup servers IP address to the $ARKEIA\arkeiad\admin.cfg file
  • Starts the Arkeia service
  • uses the IP in the admin.cfg file to register itself to the backup server

Normally if the client did not self register:

  • IP in the #ARKEIA\arkeiad\admin.cfg file is not accurate for the backup server
  • backup server Linux firewall is active and blocking ports 617
  • There is no route between the client and backup server


Check the arkeiad logs on the backup server for client hostname or IP error messages

cd /opt/arkeia/log

ls -latr

Check the arkeiad and arkadmin logs on the client for hostname or IP error messages

cd $ARKEIA\log

Samuel Brown