Cannot add TV show info for the life of me! (Seinfeld, King of the Hill, etc)


I have read numerous posts on here giving various explanations on how to get TV show info on my WDTV Live, and nothing will work!

I have no problem getting info for any of my movies and have been successful in getting it for a couple tv programs, but around 90% of my shows won’t work.  These are mainstream shows too, like Seinfeld, Eastbound and Down and King of the Hill. 

When I search for tv info I click the “gear” icon and switch to the TVDB meta-source, then do a search and nothing comes up.  If I enter only the show’s name, like “Seinfeld” or “King of the Hill”, I can get a generic photo and synopsis of the series, but nothing specific.  If I try, lets say, “Seinfeld.S09xE03.avi” it finds nothing.  Same with “Seinfeld.S01E01.avi”, or any variation of those. 

Anyone know whats going on?  I am using the most recent firmware, if that means anything…


There is no metadata support for the live plus.