Cannot add Milestone ARCUS to Cart in the WDstore

Bought an EX4100 and wanted to get the Milestone ARCUS™ Surveillance Camera Licenses.
A month ago there was a button to add the product to the Cart and a field to enter my device serial number to tie it to, but now there’s nothing.

Getting the same in other browsers and other computers.

What do I want?
The possibility to buy the product, even if it’s free, so I can have my NAS record what’s going on on my property and in my house.


  1. Attach your cameras to your network

  2. Go to the Apps page and Install Milestone Arcus 2.3 version

  3. Sign in and setup the admin user

  4. Logout and login again

  5. Camera’s should be auto detected and auto added if they’re supported by Arcus
    All you need to do is configure the camera

Camera licenses are Free until 12/31/2016
All you have to do is add the camera.

Thank you for this information, I will try it and hope it works as with the ones I’ve gotten through the store.