Cannot add FTP backup task

I have WD Mycloud Mirror widh latest firmware 2.10.310
I cannot add FTP download task in “files to download (FTP)” beacuse when i select browse in “source folder” field i see blank window.
It appears on all ftp servers on local and internet side.
When i has fabric earlier firmware ewerything was allright.
What i can do to fix it ?

What have you tried so far? have you tried a device reset (Without erasing the data) or a restart after updating the firmware in order to ensure integration?

If you go to the Webfile Viewer App, will that show all your network shares and files or also remain blank?

@Trancer, I’ve suffered from this problem myself and the only initial solution was do a System only restore. I’ve since figured out I need to take a configuration back-up while the NAS is stable and if this problem happens, restore the last known good configuration. If it is the same issue, I’ve reported it several times.

So after device reset without erasing data i see the ftp folder but now i have next problem.
I want to backup whole main folder as it is but i can not to select it. I can only select single files.
The ftp server every day create a new database backup file and writes it in the main folder.
What can i do now?