Cannot add a folder to WD Smartware


I want to use my external hard drive for two purposes. One is to back-up the contents on my computer. I am able to do this easily without a problem. The second purpose is to back-up files saved on CDs and DVDs without taking up space on my computer. These are things that I rarely use and therefore do not need on my computer, but I would like to have a backup of. For example I have lots of digital photos that take up a lot of space. These are all saved to CD or DVD, but I would also like them on my WD passport without also being on my computer.

I tried to create a folder on my WD Smartware drive so that I could save photographs there. However, it would not let me create a folder. Specifically I get an error message that says, “Unable to create the folder ‘New Folder’ Access is denied.” Another post I read said something about the WD smartware drive acting like a CD and that you need to add folders to “My Book” or “My passport” instead. That sounds fine, but where do I find this “My Book” or “My passport?”  I have no such folders in an obvious location. Please help me understand how to store files on passport that are not also on my computer. 


I was able to resolve this myself. It turns out that my other drives were already mapped and so the “My Passport” drive was not visible. I unmapped some of these drives and I was able to find the drive labled “My passport” and save to it.