Cannot Access WDMYCLOUD

No access via web http://wdmycloud/ , no access via all android devices. only means of access is by direct network attach and shares.

Have the servers gone down at WD??

Thank you

Now Resolved

Have you tried turning off Remote Access/Cloud Access via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Wait a few minutes. Then turn it back on.

Sometimes remote access gets buggered up and cycling the Remote Access/Cloud Access slider in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section can fix remote access.

Thanks for the reply. Cannot access the dashboard as that entails going through http://wdmycloud/ then the admin page … Have no access except bar directly attach via a network share.

If you’re on windows, go to network>storage>Mycloud and RIGHT click on it. Select “view device webpage”.

You shouldn’t need to go through http://mycloud (it doesn’t work on my system either). You can also look in your router for the device ip address and access it that way.

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Hi There, thanks for reply. Its only on android that I have this. It is directly attached to router and I have allocated it a static ip.