Cannot Access WD Dashboard

Please help, I cannot access WD Dashbord on Mac. I have MY CLOUD Home 3T. I need this to turn on FTP to record my CCTV camera to my WD.

I have installed WD access but nothing happens when I attemp to open it.

@ondoboy My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard, if you own a My Cloud have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?


Thank you so much for the reply to my issue but I have not been able to access this URL.
I have not renamed my device but when I typed the suggested URL “http://wdmycloud.local”, I could not connect. Itried both on Google chrome and firefox but no success.
Please any furher help would be appreciated.

Just to let you know that I can see this server in WD Discovery with my uploaded files, only the WD Dashboard is not working for me. All I want to do is to enable FTP to record from my CCTV camera. Thanks

As previously stated the My Cloud Home does not have the My Cloud Dashboard. The My Cloud Home is a completely different device with different features/options than the My Cloud line.

The My Cloud Home does not support FTP.

See the My Cloud Home subforum for additional help with that product.

Read the My Cloud Home user manual for more information on how to use that device.

Thanks @ cat0w, and thanks Bennor for your advice regarding my question. I have been looking around and read the manual for My Cloud Home but couldn’t find where it says you can record any video to this device. My question is “Can one actually record camera image to this device as you can with most NAS drives” ? I now understand this device does not support FTP otherwise it is useless to me as this is the main reason I bought it.


Ask (if you haven’t done so already) in the My Cloud Home specific subforum where other users more familiar with that device may be able to assist. Also review the user manual for the security camera to see what other options if may support for sending video to another device on the local network. There may be a way to cobble together a way to save video to the My Cloud Home using other methods or devices.

As you have discovered the My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud line with a different (some will say less) set of features.

Thanks Bennor for your quick response. Appreciated.