Cannot access through mobile network

  I am sorry, but my english is very bad.

  i have install the WD 2go in a HTC One X running Jelly Bean. I can access to my MBL through Wifi, in my house and other places with Wifi. But when i dont have wifi and i need to access through mobile network (Vodafone Portugal) its impossible to login. Appears a window with the message "The user dont have permission Error (403). I have the WD 2go in a HTC Gratia and works very well.

  Somebody can help me, please?

Hello, You might need to check the DATA plan that you have on that phone… Is not the application since is working over Wifi and is not the drive… so the only thing left to check is the Data service from your mobile network provider

I’m having this problem as well.

My wife & I both have the WD2go and WD photos apps on our Android phones. Her phone can connect with no problems and no authentication code necessary over the 3G cell network. When I try to connect via 3G, I get a message saying ‘User does not have permission, (403)’ I can connect if I obtain an authentication code and input it manually, but that only lasts for a day, and next time I try, I get the 403 message again.

I can connect via wi fi no problems.( And I have no data restrictions on my phone plan).

Does anybody have any ideas?


Cheers, Lindsay.

I’m getting a similar issue. I’ve been accessing my WD My Book Live since before Christmas via my mobile phone and tablet over 3G but all of a sudden no device can access the drive unless it’s connected to the router that the drive is connected to.  Nobody’s changed anything!