Cannot access the files from a remote location

Firstly, I am new here and I cannot work out how to create a new topic.

Secondly - I have MyBookLive and it works fine within my home network, but I cannot access the files from a remote location. I have submitted a ticket to WD but they are not replying. I do not know what to do and how to get support and help.


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Hi, you can review the steps on how to enable and setup remote access on page 94 of the manual. If you have any specific problems, try sharing more information.

Thank you for the link, lots of useful advice and instructions.

My problem so far is that although I can access the Device from my home network, when I am at another location, I go to, type in my email address and password. The next screen shows me an image of the device, but clicking on it does nothing. I get no error message and I do not progress.

I have enabled remote access in the settings, so I’m not sure if I have not fully understood. Is there something else I should have done to set it up for remote access?

I have been able to add the App to my iPhone and was able to get access.

Thanks for your help


Hi again, have you tried using another web browser? Be sure to have the latest java update installed. Another option is to use the My Cloud desktop app to access your files remotely. See below for more info.

Installing and using the WD My Cloud Desktop App


For your information !!.

I have found a work round for remote access for my book live bypassing the
java issue,

If the my book live hard drive has the most upto date software installed it
can be accessed remotley by using your my cloud software,

I have had to connect using the remote log on email and password.

hope this helps other customers with same issue.


Thank you for your help and interest. Apologies for not understanding clearly. I did update the firmware/software in the drive. I did try connecting from different locations unsuccessfully. I get as far as being able to log in, I see the image for the drive, I click on it and am then redirected to the Oracle website with no instructions. I update Java, but it still will not connect.

I am not too sure what you mean by "I have had to connect using the remote log on email and password and what is the “my cloud software”, if I am on someone else’s PC?

Thank you again


down load and access via that when out and about.

i had simular problem with wd2go access

used this as get round


As far as I know, no one should use the wd2go app anymore. Just use the newer mycloud app.