Cannot access shares on Window 7

I created a new share after I purchased this device and it works with no problem. The device then ran some updates. Since then I can still access the first share but not any shares created after. I can see all shares in windows explorer. I have tried using different user accounts and different shares. I can access the default folders with no problems. I have also tried various solutions found on the internet forums. I am using a windows 7 laptop to access the drive. If I remove the credentials from my laptop when I access the nas it asks for log in details. This works ok and I can access the shares mentioned above but when I try to access new shares it asks for log in details again but then denies access. I can access all shares through WD My Cloud app on my desktop.

I am confused. New shares won’t give you access unless you clear your login info, and then new shares created after the first batch also require for you to clear your login info? Or would you mean the original first batch refuse access again?

Thanks for replying.

when you say clear login info do you mean delete the login credentials in windows. I have deleted all login credentials and re entered them after creating a new share but still access denied. Maybe my first post is a little confusing. Basically if I create a new shared non public folder I cannot access using any login details.