Cannot access shared links

Today I shared some files with a client via a link which would take them to the My Cloud folder where they can then download the files.

The problem is that the person I shared it with said that the links appeared to not be working. When he clicked the links, he was taken to the My Cloud webpage which showed an error saying “cannot connect to My Cloud” or something along those lines.

There were a few troubleshooting steps which were all done but the third step was something about approving a certificate. Can you please tell me exactly why the links that I send do not work and how can the certificate be approved?

The browser that I used to test this issue was on Google Chrome. I tested it on a computer that was not my own (at work). I clicked the link which I had sent to my client and it showed me the error message and said I cannot access the files.

Can someone urgently help please? I am using a macbook pro at home, the My Cloud is connected through my network at home and is updated.


The issue you are experiencing is related to remote access failures. Take a look at the following article and try the possible solutions:


Can you please share a telephone number as WD My Cloud is extremely difficult to get around - it isn’t straight forward and simple. I would greatly appreciate a telephone number where I can speak with a human being.

I don’t understand the jargon used and this really needs to be clearer.

Note that this site is mostly a user to user support site. Most here are users such as yourself. If you want to talk to an actual WD Support person you can contact them through the WD contact page:

This is a user forum, not WD Support.

If you want to contact WD Support, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Contact WD’ link. If you’re viewing on a mobile device, select ‘request desktop site’ in your browser options.