Cannot access new shares

I have created new shares but I cannot access them on WD Cloud EX2. I have tried from multiple computers with systems ranging from Windows 7 to 10. Even brand new computers can get into older shares, but not into the new ones. I keep getting asked for the password and then denied on the new shares, while the old ones work fine. My firmware is up to date. Anybody got a fix for this?

If the new shares have the same users allowed, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Shares themselves don’t have passwords. Shares are mapped to users, and users have passwords.

You may want to see, if you haven’t already, if there are similar discussions in the dedicated EX2 series subforum. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud devices which are different, and may behave differently, than the EX2 series of devices.

OOops! Thanks for letting me know I am in the wrong place for this question. You are right - I’ve glanced at it and it does look more promising.

Thanks, you are totally right in your answer. . . the problem is my machine not recognizing that I am the same person with the same permissions that I was 2 seconds ago on a different share! I realize now I am in the wrong place to ask this question, so I’ll get myself over to the right area.