Cannot Access MyCloud EX2 on Network

I’m attempting to fix this for a friend. She said that suddenly her ex-2 is not showing up on the net work anymore. In addition, I can see that the power LED is blinking red, and both drive 1 and 2 are blinking purple/blue. Has anyone ever encountered the same issue? Please advise, thanks!


Welcome to the WD Community.

If you are getting a flashing red light, sounds like you the volume is degraded.
Please see page 12 of the user manual for more detailed information about the Led status.

As a recommendation, check the dashboard of the unit to see if the drive is rebuilding the volume.

Thanks for the reply. How do I go about accessing dashboard without seeing it on network? just connect the NAS directly to my PC through LAN?

Update: FYI, it has been blinking for days, so I kinda doubt that it is actually rebuilding … right? it is hard to tell too because I have no way to connect to this NAS (please let me know if you know a way). Another desperate measure I can attempt is to just swap one of the drive with a new one with the same size. Perhaps if both drives are really bad, by putting a new one, it can actually rebuild itself this time … is that a valid thought process?