Cannot access MyBookLive from one computer

My home network (wired) has 2 PCs (one Win7, one Win8) and a MyBookLive 2T, all running through a router. All was well until a week ago, when I had to replace the router (for higher speeds). Now the Win 8 PC accesses the MBL, no problem - the Win 7 PC sees it, but cannot access anything. Windows gives the message that it cannot access it; after installing a dozen WS apps, finally got a message saying “user not authorized”. So, dumb question: how do I set myself up as a user? I accessed the settings, created a new user - how does MBL recognize me as that user? Where do I tell it “hey, it’s me”?


For the new user that you created, did you gave that user permissions to all the folders on the drive? if yes, you should be able to map any folder to your computer and you will be able to access those folders.

Users are created to allow or deny access to any specific share on your drive.