Cannot Access my WD Passport Essential

Hi All, I bought my WD Passport Essential(Smart Ware) 500 Gb, at first time it work as expected, but then I upgraded the firmware to latest firmware, then My WD is not working. Here is the screenshot:

It shown on my device manager that installed driver version is :
my firmware version: 1.010

Is there any way to downgrade my firmware?

Any help would be appreciated.


No way jose on the firmware downgrade

you can try upgrading again to see if it finds the drive and it works after that

Well, I tried to upgrade (again) the firmware, it said that my drive already up to date… My temporary solution is to uninstal the driver when it cannot be read by my laptop. then on first instal, my drive will be work as expected… But it kind of wasting my time… but WD support has not find any solution yet for my issue, Thanks anyway…