Cannot access my WD external drive

Hi everybody…

I accidently dropped my WD and since it is not working anymore.

I dropped it 4 days ago but didn’t check if it was Ok or not,curiously today I decided to use it and it was very slow….later I  restarted my computer and still had the same problem….I restarded one more time my computer and since this time I have no access to the drive……

It’s a 1000Giga drive and I have all my informations in it……please I need help.


When you drop a drive it’s frequently phyicaly damaged and beyond do it yourself recovery. If you intend to go for professinal recovery don’t try using the drive any more it may cause more physical damage.


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Thank you for your reply.

That means there is nothing I can do to fix it by myself…Ok I will for a proffessional.