Cannot access my password protected Western Digital WD "My Passport for Mac" External HDD 500GB

I have several external hard drives and all share the same password (I even have the password written on a printed paper), the problem is that the WD password appno longer accepts my password, for some bizarre reason.
I contacted Western Digital but it seems there is nothing they can possibly do to help me retrieve my information.

What could I do right now?
It´s out of question to reset it or to reformat the hard drive and I´m quite skeptic to send it or leave it at some lab to be decrypted.
Do you think I could be there while the technicians do this?
Have you had the same problem and managed to solve it?
My password was quite long and complex.

My Western Digital HDD was made in Malasya.

When I called WD Customer Support, the support guy told me to download the updated version of the Firmware “WDFirmwareUpdater” for the my WD Hard Drive (Mac version). But later he said it was a bit risky to instal the update, because it would change something important on the Hard Drive.

He told me to try to enter the password on another Mac first, which I did, in several other Macs. The Macs did locate my HD but it was impossible to get the password accepted and access the info stored.


Same problem can’t access my files and it’s really anoying to take my girlfriend’s computer to put items in other NEW folders…


so I just found out what was the problem.

I used to share the same password -almost, one a bit shorter- in two harddrives, one Lacie HD, one WD HD.

The Lacie has a longer limit of characters in the password input-form and the WD doesn´t.

The new updated software of WD SmartWare fixes that issue:

WD SmartWare update highlights:

Mac release  (updated 6/14/2011)

  • Made changes to WD SmartWare UI enforcing character limitation in passwords.

Since I forgot that there is no input limit I kept typing my password a bit more -three or four extra letters- and of course, I couldn´t access.

I bought a second harddrive and when I had to set up the new password, I typed the same one, I noticed that the number of characters was limited…

So I solved my access issue… but spend a lot on another brand-new HD. Good news is I did not lost anything because I didn´t format…

How were you able to set the password in the first place?  

when you set up the password for the first time there is a limit on the characters you can input in the form.

For instance if you want to use “MyBeatutifulAffairInManhattan” only a part of this will fit in the form. So no matter what you type you would register as your password only a part of it, for example " “MyBeatutifulAffairInMan”

The problem was that once it was set up, the input form had NO limit on the number of characters, so you don´t have a clue on where to finish typing your password, I could type as much as I wanted. That is, the entire thing: “MyBeatutifulAffairInManhattan” instead of  “MyBeatutifulAffairInMan”

This issue was corrected with the latest update of the HD software, but I already have bought another one!