Cannot Access My Passport 500GB

Hi all. I can’t access my external hard drive 500GB. I plug in the USB and can feel the disk running but the computer can’t read/access the disk/files. I am not a ‘computer’ person so can anyone teach me the steps to troubleshoot my problem? Is my hard drive ‘broken’ or files corrupted or cable problem? The driver seems to be running. Also the small light by the side is always blinking. What does it mean? Appreciate it very much if anyone can help. I have important files inside from my work. Can’t afford to loose it all. Thank you.


Try first turn off the computer, remove the drive and re-insert it using a different usb slot on your computer…  Then re-boot the computer.  If this doesn’t work, download appropriate WD drive utilities software from the WD site (the correct software will correlate with the name and product # on the back of your drive)… try running the utilities software naming the appropriate usb port (where you have your drive attached). 

Also, if you have another computer, hook the drive up to that… whenever it loads and you can read it, back the drive up onto another drive or onto thje computer to rescue your data.


hi  jwinkelhake,

Last i sent it to a computer shop and the answer was hard drive corrupted. I will try your advise and see how it goes. Thanks for the help.