Cannot access my new Passport Ultra - Updated

I have just bought a new 2TB Passport Ultra, I have plugged it into my computer and I can see it in my devices in the control panel however the setup wizard hasn’t come up and I cannot see it in my computer meaning I cannot put any files onto the hard drive. I have tried different USB ports etc. The laptop I am using is running Windows 7. Please help!

I have now managed to format the HDD so that I can access it on my computer, however I can’t seem to format it to my computer and my PVR. I want to be able to connect it to the PVR to watch movies and it only seems to want to be formatted to one of the devices at a time.

Hello and welcome to the community.

Check on the PVR user’s manual to verify what type of file format it supports. Your Windows computer will reed the drive in NTFS or FAT32. If your PVR does not support any of those formats then you wont be able to use it on both.