Cannot access my files and folders on Big Sur


I have a WD My passport 512Gb external ssd and mostly I use it with my MacBook Pro Early 2020 13" and since I upgraded to Bug Sur there is a really annoying issue… When I connect it I can see all my files and folders and after a few minutes (or seconds) everything is gone I reconnect it I can see them again, but there’s gonna be the same issue after another seconds/minutes.

I already reinstalled my WD Discovery app and also downloaded the version what they suggested for Big Sur, but that haven’t solved my problem. I also checked the cable what they recommended, but the issue came up with a different cable as well. Someone also recommended to connect it to another PC or Mac, but that also didn’t solve my problem (btw on Windows it’s working fine… there isn’t any similar problem). I’m sure there is an issue with Big Sur or WD Discovery.

I read a lot of posts and pages, but still didn’t find any solution what is working. Anyone has any other ideas?

Best wishes