Cannot access My Dashboard on AC1300 from my PC

The WD AC1300 is installed behind the Verizon FiOS Actiontec Broadband Router.  Wi-Fi is turned OFF on the Actiontec, only Ethernet ports are active; Broadband Router has Gateway address going out to the FiOS Internet Service.

WD1300 is brand new a few days ago and also has a WD MyNet AC  Bridge connected to it wirelessly (TV’s and DVD players connected to the AC Bridge via Ethernet ports,of course).

The WD AC1300 is plugged into the Ethernet port on the Broadband router and was given the IP address  Its IP Address range that it can assign is  Wireless devices like iPhones do connect to the Ac1300 and get Internet access.  Also the TV and DVD players also get Internet access via the WD Bridge.

HOWEVER, after inital setup of the AC1300 (done via an Ethenet port on it, not wireless) I cannot get to the My Dashboard, unless I disconnect from the Actiontec router port and reconnect manually to the AC1300 Ethernet ports with my PC.  Entering the address times out and does not get to the Dashboard.  Obviously does not work because that takes me to the Verizon router, as it should.  So my Dashboard is working, but only via direct connection to the AC1300 roiuter, not indirectly through the Verizon router using IP address.  Could this be something in the WD firewall blocking traffic coming in from devices on the LAN (my PC), thinking it is Internet traffic trying to login remotely to it (so blocked).  Note my PC address is on the same LAN private address range as the AC1300 itself.  Any ideas of what to try to get to My Dashboard from my PC?

UPDATE:  I’ve been tring othe ways to get into My Dashboard from the PC.  One correction on the IP addresses:  thw WD AC1300 Router has a WAN facing address of (same subnet my PC is on, really the ethernet ports on the WAN router), but on its own LAN facing both the wired ethernet ports it has and any wireless devices it has  In othe words, when the AC1300 was set up, it realized it was behind the Actiontec WAN router, so it assigned a new subnet address pool for its devices (with its own DHCP for the addresses).  Those devices are all in that pool behind  However, from the PC no address I try will allow me to login to My Dashboard, inclluding the address.  I checked the firewall settings but could find nothing.That is still the leading candidate:  something in the firewall will not allow attempts to get to even the My Dashboard login screen if they are coming in over the Internet port (as opposed to locally on its LAN).  So I newed advice about how to allow this access to the AC1300 from my PC on the other LAN subnet.

Hello and welcome, have tried accessing the dashboard using the My Net name (//MyNetAC1300/) from your web browser? You can also try using the Network Evaluation Tool. Check the link below for the steps.