Cannot access my cloud?

Hi all,

I am in another country and just cannot see my files? Not sure what settings I need to adjust to get access? I’m using the app on my iPad and this is the first time I’ve to access it away from home network.

Too bad you did not test it before now. You see, it may not have worked for a long time, because whenever the router is rebooted, either on purpose or due to power failure or otherwise, the My Cloud loses the port forward to the internet. This is not easy to detect at home, because the home network still works fine for connecting to MC.

The way to fix things is to turn Cloud Access off and back on from within MC Dashboard, OR completely reboot the My Cloud. Either action can restore the MC port forward to the internet. You likely will need to do this when you get back home.

A way to test all is working again from home is to use a mobile phone or cell connected iPad that can connect to your data plan when the home wi-fi is off in mobile device, yet can connect to My Cloud. If the port forwarding is fixed you will be able to connect to MC via MC app remotely.

So, in future, you might want to do what I do before leaving home and check that remote access is working, by testing it as mentioned. and also hope that my router doesn’t reboot while I am away.

Good advice Mike thanks. I was forced to reboot my router before I left home due to a TV related issue. Furthermore i am getting a 905 error when it tries to connect.

I reboot my modem and router once a month, whether it “needs it” or not/, and is how I discovered the coincidence, and confirmed the situation with another member here, and glad I did, so now I can avoid the problem much better.

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Thanks your solution solved my problem.

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