Cannot access My Cloud via web browser

I upgraded My Cloud firmware to 2.30.193 a few days ago. Thereafter, My Cloud has become inaccessible via a URL on the web browser. It keeps timing out using both http and https. After scanning the device via Nmap it shows the following open ports: 80, 111, 443, 2049, 3306, 3689, 8181, 9000, 49153.
Resetting the device via the 40 second reset with a paper clip does not help.
Has anyone else come across this problem and how did you solve it?

Can you ping the device? Can you SSH into the device?

Which series/model My Cloud? Firmware indicates an advanced model, not basic one.

It’s the Single Bay My Cloud, must be second generation.
Exact model is WDBCTL0040HWT-EESN

I can ping the device but the SSH port is not open so I cannot SSH into it.

How are you trying to access the My Cloud? Are you using the name or the IP address?
I usually access the dashboard using the IP address.

I am using the IP address to access it. It is just timing out.

Not sure what to do. Since not access to the My Cloud.

It’s bricked. I cannot even ping to it. (Mycloud Gen 2).

I ordered a real NAS from another company.