Cannot access MY Cloud on the network

I have recently moved and have a different router supplied by the ISP. Router is a PACE model 5268AC by ATT-Uverse. I did find on the community that an Ethernet switch between the router and MyCloud would fix this, I now have a “Blue” led but still no communication. I connected MYCloud directly to the Ethernet port on my PC and it works fine.I tried a reset to no avail. Network discovery is enabled, and disabled the firewall as well, still no joy I reloaded all the software, updated MYCloud to V04.04.02-105,the latest firmware. DHCP is enabled on My cloud. Suspect something in the network configuration but no clue what. It as working before on my old router. Help!

When you connect it to your PC what is the ip address of the My Cloud?
When you connect the my Cloud to the router. What is the ip address of your PC?


There is an article Here about your PACE model 5268AC and the WD My Cloud.

Hope this helps