Cannot access My Book World Addition II

FYI I am using Windows 10. I can see “MyBookWorld” listed under “Network” as a Storage device within File Explorer. I’m assuming that, to see what is on the device, perform file maintenance, etc., that I would click on this icon. However, when I do I am taken to the device web page asking for an Administrator Name and Password, neither of which I know. Can anyone help me view what’s on the My Book World drive? When I check my backup options in Windows, it indicates a recent backup just completed but, for piece of mind I would like to see it (and whatever else is on the drive).

try, a right click on the icon and choose “open” if available. If it isn’t an option. click the “windows” key" and the “r” key at the same time to bring up a run dialogue box and type // Substitute the IP address of the MyBookWorld for the x’s

I tried your suggestion (had to use the IP address method as the “run” option was not available). I got the login web page for the device again asking for an administrator name and password, neither of which I’m able to come up with. I appreciate your message, let me know if you have any other ideas. John

If you never changed it, the default login is:
Login : administrator
Password : admin

Try it!