Cannot access my book live folders after replacing router

I’ve just replaced my router. My book live has been connected to the new router. I cannot access the drive folders using windows explorer (I’m on Windows 10).
WD link shows the drive in the top box but when I click on it will not allow me to map it to a drive.
I’ve looked at help on this forum and can get access to the UI for the drive but not the folders.
I also have a SONOS system using music stored on the drive and this is working fine.
Any ideas?

Changing routers will cause Win10 to change your current adapter profile to “Guest or Public”. If you have not changed it back to “Private” you will not be able to create an SMB connection to your NAS device.

Settings > Network $ Internet > Status > Change connection properties

Depending on your network configuration, switching routers may have also changed your “NetBIOS over TCP/IP” setting.

Settings > Network $ Internet > Status > Change adapter options
Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter options

  • right click on your adapter, and select Properties
  • select TCP/IPv4 and click Properties
  • in the General tab, click Advanced
  • in the WINS tab, select Enable NetBIOS overTCP/IP

Thanks … have made all the changes suggested but no change.
I have a shortcut to the IP address of the drive and am getting this error:

Oh! Assuming you are using DHCP rather than static IP addresses, your new router has almost certainly given your MBL a new address. Windows can probably access it, but not with the old address in the shortcut. Look in your router and see what that address is. Then create a new shortcut. Or use the device name rather than address in the shortcut.

Hmmm… I haven’t done anything more than stop/start the drive through the UI and it’s now working.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: