Cannot Access MBL 3TB!


I am not able to access my MBL Live 3TB from network! I am not sure what has happened  but yestrday night while I was watching movie, streaming files from the MBL, suddenly it stopped, till some time I was able to ping the MBL but not able to access the shares or through the WEBUI.I left it then.

Today Morning I was not able to ping the MBL. The network link blinks and shows activity in the MBL.

The HDD inside seems to be sort of dead! 

When I (re)power on the device, the disk seems to be spinning for some time but goes dead again after some time!

The LED lighs have not been working for some time.About a week before this happened.

I am on the previous firmware to the latest released one.

Is there a way I can somehow access the device?? What could be possibly wrong.!

Tried to do a soft reset (reset switch), it does not seem to reset!

I have no way to access the MBL now!!

Thanks in advance.

any help will be appreciated!


Before RMA, I would like to know if there are any chance of recovering the data of the HDD?

I am not sure if the HDD is failed or the network support has failed.

The disk spins for some time but stop after about 1 minutes when switched off and on again.

Also the network links led gives glowing and blinking as though to indicate activity.

Had quite a bit of data which was not backed up!

Thanks in advance.