Cannot Access files through Mapped Drive in Explorer

For some reason my WD Cloud will not let me view some files or folders through exploerer on a mapped drive, yet I can see them just fine through my app on my iPhone. Any idea why this is happening?


What message do you get on Windows? Are you trying to open a network share?

I’m getting an access denied error.

I also seem to be getting a “cant read from the source file or disk” error.

Okay, I’ve figured out the problem, I just don’t know if there is a fix for it.

Whenever an index.html or index.php file is stored into one of my folders it blocks me from seeing any information in that folder. And I cannot delete or edit that folder either.

Here is the folder prior to adding the index file. Capture.PNG

Here is the folder when adding index.html


When you right click and refresh this is what pops up (Or it will just show no files on occasion)


When trying to delete the folder with the index file in it this is what pops up.


I’m guessing you’re using WD 2go?  If so, do you need to?

Yes, I am using WD 2 Go, I need to because I need to access my web files remotely on my work computer through a mapped drive to pull them up in my web design program. :confounded:

Yeah, I figured that,… The web form of WD 2go uses WebDAV on Apache. I’m betting that the apache server has associated a special meaning to those filenames. The other devices (android, ipad) and the WD 2go desktop apps don’t use WebDAV the same way.

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Thanks Tony, do you have any suggestions on work arounds?

Well, if it were me, I’d focus on what issues you’re having with “direct” connection – as that’d definitely be the most effecient way to use the NAS.

What issues were you having that pushed you to avoiding it?

I am not able to link up my files to dreamweaver with direct connection, I need a mapped drive, or something visible on my computer to get to files to open them in dreamweaver.


You can map drives to drive letters with direct connection, too – that’s the whole point.