Cannot access files remotely

I am trying to figure out what if anything has changed with the Mycloud over the past few weeks. I finally managed to get the Mycloud(ex2) that my office uses to read files remotely and had this process running stable for a matter of about a month. was loving it while it was working, then one of my fellow staff told me he could not access the files. sure enough when I got to check none of the staff can access the files. To the best of My knowledge no one but e has gone into the settings. Port forwarding is still active. The ports are still numbered the same (17) running TCP and UDP and I am running through a ASUS -N53 Router. On the dashboard it keeps telling me that the Cloud Access COnnection Status has Failed. Can anyone please tell me what I am missing?

Was a firmware update performed? Did the IP address of the unit change (Some routers have an IP lease time feature)? Does a simple reboot (Restart) through the Dashboard address this issue? If not, you may have to turn off and on again remote access in order to allow the service to run again.

Thanks Tracer. I think it was an issue we had with a surge. It knocked is offline for a second and then everything but the cloud reconnected. When I re last the modem it all seemed to work fine again

Same silly situation for me. Please tell me if you come across a solution.

Like I said for me I just needed to reset the router, THat was if I was at one point able to connect. If its a first time connection you may need to configure your ports.