Cannot Access EX2 from the Internet

EX2 installed.  Works fine on WiFi, but as soon as I go away from the home WiFi system, I get a message:

Access to WDMyCloudEX2 has been disabled

I have tried everything!  The device shows as offline in, and the address is invalid according to the internet.

How in the world am I supposed to use this thing?

Port 80 is blocked by ISP, so WD suport set it up for Ports 80 & 443 in Cloud Access Connection Options under the General tab, but in the Network menu, Port Forwarding is set to “default.”  Shouldn’t this match the other settings?

And how do I access the cloud unit from a desktop in the field? As I said earlier, the is not a valid server address, and in the, I can log in see the device LISTED, but a little triangle says it is disconnected.

I guess this goes back to the days of “Plug & Pray”…

Thanks for any help!


Take a look at this guide. Hope it helps.

For testing purposes.

Try enabling FTP access to the public folder in the dashboard, then forward port 21 in your router to the NAS’s internal ip address. Finally, open your internet browser and type into your browser.

Please note that the represents your public facing IP address. You can easily find this by google searching What is my IP. Also note that the P in Public must be capitalized.

Awsome advice.I was able to access my NAS through the internet by typing fts first instead of http.Thank you.Finally!!