Cannot access drive or login to DL4100 OS interface a few days after upgrade

I am looking for some advise. I have a DL4100 which I upgraded to OS5 running with 2 4TB HDD and 2 8TB HDD both running as separate RAID 1 drives. The disks seem to disconnect from the computer/network and it can take a min or so to reconnect. I did recently receive a file system check failed alert. I am backing up the drives on two different external drives and was planning to wipe everything fully reformat and start over.

Also, I have noticed since installing OS5 that my CPU is at or close to 100% most of the time and it keeps indexing, then fails, and then starts the cycle again. Thoughts? Could this be due to a drive error which could be fixed with reformatting and re-configuring.

Probably the biggest question is about the best way to reconfigure. I was considering setting them up as a RAID 10 configuration, but as I was reading I found some conflicting info on how that would work with two drive pairs of different sizes. Is there a way to properly set up the drives to get a total of 10TB (4+6) or will I be limited to 8TB total. Is Raid 10 performance that much better than separate RAID 1s?




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We do not recommend rebooting the device unless there’s a scanning error since rebooting will restart the indexing process.

Also, RAID 10 is similar with RAID 1E as it would also combine the stripping of the disks in RAID 0 and the mirroring in RAID 1, but a minimum of 4 drives in the RAID Set will be needed. This RAID set would group the drives in pairs of two and within that group, and those pairs will mirror each other within the group. Just like RAID 1 and 1E, RAID 10 will cut the total capacity of the RAID set in half.