Cannot Access DL4100 Drives or Dashboard


My DL4100 appears to have developed the following problems and I would appreciate some help trying out how to fix it:

1.I cannot access any of the mapped network drives on the DL4100 - network path cannot be found
2. I cannot access the dashboard via the browser - connection refused
3. The power light is flashing
4. I cannot scroll the menu on the front of DL4100 unit
5. I can’t map a drive in the DL4100 unit
6 The unit is supposed to automatically switch itself off/on between set hours but this isn’t happening.

What I have done/checked:

  1. The drive lights on all 4 units are solid blue.
    2 The network lights on the back of the DL4100 are flashing
    3 Rebooted the DL4100 - several times
    4 Reset the DL4100 unit a couple of times
    5 I appear to be able to access the DL4100 Cloud
    6 I can access a WD Duo drive which is on the same ethernet network
  2. I have checked/changed around all of the ethernet leads + rebooted the router/home hub
    8 I have checked the Windows 10 network settings and they appear to be ok
    9 Plugged another PC (Windows 10) into the network but that can’t access the drives or the dashboard either.
    10 Rebooted the PC - several times

There are probably a few other things I have tried but I can’t recall what they are.

So I would appreciate some help in trying to work out what is wrong and most importantly how to fix it.

Kind regards


looking at the link I just sent you it looks like the box will only use wd red drives
Is that what you have in there?

Many thanks for your comment and the link.

The unit has been working extremely well for the last 11 months or so and the drives appear to be okay, as the blue lights are on.

Many thanks


I am haveing the same issue let me know if you find a fix for it.


After talking to WD Support they determined the DL4100 unit had a fault and it was replaced under warranty.

I have to say WD Support dealt with the whole issue very promptly :slight_smile: and after the return procedure was initiated the DL4100 unit was replaced within 5 days :slight_smile: and I am back up and running again :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the comments and the support from this community, which helped.

Kind regards


did you recover your data. how did that work. i had the same problem. They sent me an RMA, got it working but can’t access my files except using Plex Server. a day later, i saw the unit blinking blue power light. Again, can’t access dash board but Plex is working. This i sin the RMA unit. support suggested it may be rebuilding since the drive light are blinking. so far day two. i’m going give it a full week to see if it rebuild itself.

I have the exact same failure - the display is blank, the power light blinks and the unit keeps power cycling it self without booting properly. They are offering a warranty replacement but will cost us thousands in lost productivity due to loss of the data on the device for several days. We used this NAS as our primary drive for our designers to collaborate - i wont make that mistake again trusting western digital with such important data. They also told me while the unit is down we can not pull one of the drives and access the files as they are encrypted.

I have had 2 DL4100’s die in exactly the same manner in the last 4 months. While the WD Red drives are fine, the unit’s themselves become inaccessible and will not boot.
Fortunately because one was a syncronized backup for the other. Zero data has been lost. I have replaced both DL4100’s with PR4100’s. If these only last 3 years each, I will never purchase another WD product again…

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Reading this makes me sad, my DL4100 had out grown it’s usefulness a long time ago, but was hoping to still use it as a TimeMachine server.

But I fear I am out of luck as I am having the same problem as @Basil_Babaa

RIP my little workhorse

One interesting thing to note however, when my last DL4100 died, I ordered a PR4100. When it arrived, I simply removed the drives in exact order from the DL4100 and inserted them in the same corresponding slot on the PR4100.

When I booted the PR4100, it found the array and asked me to enable Raid Roaming. When I did, in a matter of less than a minute, the PR4100 was up and running and all the data and shares were recreated on the PR4100. All I had to do was rename the device and to grant access to the shares to the user on the PR4100 and all was as it was before…

That’s actually pretty cool. So if these things only last 3 years, and they keep the same basic architecture and OS structure, perhaps I might purchase one again…

We’ll see how long these WD Red’s last now…