Cannot access device from

After tearing my hair apart with this device that stopped working remotely I decided to do a system restore like WD Support suggested.

The device now says it has Internet access, and I can send emails for registration. But once I go to wd2go website, it says the device is offline.

This product is so bad, I should have check this forum before buying it.

I have the same problem with my Windows Phone HTC 8X.

I recevied support by email and what they told me worked. Here are the instructions:

Access and remove the device and to go to the drive dashboard and remove the email address and the set the remote web access again.

After this procedure I registered again my email address with a capital letter (because I read somewhere else that using the exact same email could cause issues) and I could finally access my files remotely.

I am glad WD support are actually reaching the customers to help the situation.

PS: I recommend using WD MyCloud app instead of the website, for speed purporses. For the application, you also have to remove the device and add it again manually.