Cannot access dashboard to update firmward

I have been a long way from my MyBookLive for some time now and have not been able to access it to update the firmware.  I am receiving messages to update it and it shows software release 2.32.05-046.  I have the MyBook Live with me now and it works until I try to open the dashboard to update the firmware.  I get only an option to “delete” once I enter the key that should open the dashboard.  What can I do from here?


I would recommend performing a Dashboard reset by holding the reset switch (With a paperclip) located on the back of the unit. This will clear any login issues related to Dashboard access.

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I have tried this option, but i still cannot access dashboard.


Check that the IP address hasn’t changed. Mine keeps doing this for some reason. Get the current IP from the Properties for the MyClud as shown on your Network window on your PC. Then go to the Dashboard on your dsektop, right click and see if it’s different. If it is, copy in the new one. That might work.